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And We're Back..Again (as we often are, but such is life)

Congratulations, lonely netizen trawling through the interwebs in the hope that this magnificent (see scrumdiddlyumptius) literary work would come back to life. Your prayers have been answered. I'm just going to go ahead and pretend that the single page view that shows up once in six months is not me. Back to the point. Words and alphabets are going to start appearing on this small patch of internet that I call- Go read the name. Even the odd sentence might show up once in a while. And we get going with a post about food, often the beginning and end of all things. 
*At this point I consider a monologue about food and how it is essential for life and how we all become food in the end. The rational part of me stabs myself in the foot with a conveniently placed screwdriver. I get it. No monologues.* 
So, food. In this noble endeavour I am joined by my brother-in-arms ( cool call-sign generation in progress) as we try to do what we do best, eat and talk about eating. Also, anyone who…

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